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Idle Inn & RV Hookups

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TWS Idle Inn Trackside Lodging & RV Hookups

Conveniently located in the TWS Paddock

TWS customers can enjoy personal accommodations just a few steps away from the paddock garages.  TWS Idle Inn offers six comfortable RV trailer lodging units and an additional six RV hookup spaces with water and electricity for rental.

Enjoy campsite camaraderie with friends, with the amenities of a hotel. Each unit holds 3-5 beds plus sofa, full utilities, bathroom, shower with tub, fresh linens and towels, and a fully equipped kitchen with pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and coffee pot.

Each RV trailer will be available from Thursday or Friday evening through Sunday afternoon with a two night minimum requirement.

Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis are required in advance by phone only, before each event. Please give us a call at (979) 690-2500 to reserve your next stay at TWS.

Bringing your own RV and interested in using the RV hookups that include water and electricity? Reservations are $60 per weekend and taken on a first come, first serve basis in advance by phone at (979) 690-2500.

Springdale 1 YES YES 4 $140
Puma YES YES 4 $140
Wrangler YES YES 2 $140
Springdale 2 NO YES 2 $110
Fleetwood NO YES 2 $110

*Two-night minimum required


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