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TWS Test & Tune Events

About Test & Tune Events

Test and Tune Events are one day "closed" events, usually prior to a weekend club race or competition, for the purposes of engine tuning, dialing in suspension setup, and driver familiarization.

Those allowed on track are limited to competition licensed racers participating in the upcoming event that same weekend, driving race-prepared cars with current stamped logbooks and using all current safety equipment required by the race sanctioning body. Test & Tune events are operated under the rules of the race sanctioning body holding or requesting the Test and Tune.

Test and Tune dates will only be offered at the request of a sanctioning body and are not Open Track Days.

Test & Tune sessions and run groups will be determined by the requesting club or organization, with short intermissions for safety purposes. Drivers may run all sessions scheduled for their run group, pending a safety review by the Chief Driving Instructor and Chief Steward before each session.

The designation of a participant's run group is subject to the approval of, and reviewed by, the Chief Driving Instructor and Chief Steward.

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What To Bring to TWS

Vehicle – Racecar logbook current and stamped, and racecar emptied of all loose objects.

Any tools, fluids, or tires that may be needed.

Helmet – Must have Snell Memorial Foundation SA 2005 rating or better (until Dec 31, 2014). Rental helmets are available for $5.00, but are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.

Full SFI or FIA approved and current driving suit for driving.

It is highly suggested that you also bring the following for your comfort: a chair, a cooler with water for drinking, and snacks. Our concession stand is open for breakfast and lunch, and the Paddock PX can also supply water and snacks.


Spectators are welcome at all TWS Motorsports sponsored events. Spectators must sign a waiver at the front gate. Spectators are limited to the paddock, concession stand, infield, and the VIP stands. Specifically, no spectators are allowed in the grandstands or beyond the safety fences.


We understand that situations may occur that prevent participants from coming to an event. Notification of personal cancellation should be given as soon as possible (via e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) TWS may also cancel events (with at least 24 hours notice to registrants) for reasons such as weather (including unsafe local travel conditions), unsafe track conditions, or insufficient participation/registration for an event. Cancellations will be issued credit in the following manner:

Full credit toward another event when event is cancelled for any reason by TWS.

Full credit toward another event with written notice given 72 hours prior to the event start date/time.

Credit toward another event, minus a $25 administration fee, will be given if written notice is received before the event start date but less than 72 hours before the event.

Credit will not be issued on or after an event start date.

Refunds will not be given for reasons including, but not limited to: weather, track condition, mechanical failure of registrant's vehicle, damage to registrant's vehicle, ineligibility of registrant’s vehicle, ineligibility of driver for a particular event, and cancellation/delay of an event.

Refunds will not be given for multiple event packages once the first event has been attended.

TWS and PDS reserve the right to change any element of an event format at any time, before or during an event, for any reason. Event format includes, but is not limited to: run group assignments, session lengths, event schedule, track configuration, academics & curricula, instructor assignments, garage assignments, and course marshaling.




To register, please go to to sign up for the event. Registration for each event will open online approximately six weeks prior to each event, so stay posted online.

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