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Paddock Rules

The following rules must be followed when visiting TWS, as a participant, crew or spectator. Violators may be asked to review the rules, fined or removed from the premises without warnings. These rules are subject to change and will be posted in the Paddock area.

Please help us keep racing safe and control costs by following these simple rules.

1. Clean up all spills - oil, fuel, coolant, etc. Petroleum destroys asphalt.
2. No glass containers allowed on the premises
3. Do not affix any signs to walls or structures. This includes taping flyers and signs
4. Do not store fuel in the garages
5. No smoking in any building or garage, No food or drink in the Media Room
6. No extension cords across the paddock
7. Paddock speed limit is 15 mph
8. No one under 16 may operate a motorized vehicle or bicycle at the Speedway
9. Do not operate ATV’s or dirt bikes off the paved surface
10. Only Staff and Race Officials are permitted at the control tower area
11. No pets are allowed on the premises
12. No alcohol will be consumed before or during a racing event
13. Firearms, fireworks and explosives are prohibited at the Speedway
14. No unauthorized use of the racing surface


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